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[26 Nov 2026|08:12pm]
now a semi-friends only journal. if you want to see it all. then...

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you know what to do.. :)
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I'm alive. [04 Apr 2009|05:43pm]
I actually don't know what to write. It has been ages.

Let me start with telling you where I am - Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Well, I would say Dubai since most of the people know this only one place in the UAE but I'm 15 minutes away from Dubai (without HEAVY TRAFFIC - but usually 2-3 hours max during rush hour). I've been here for 7 months already (arrived July 29th of last year). Doing what? Well, the first few months was crazy but I finally settled in November. Got an interview, ditched my old job and here I am in a Call Center. I never really thought I'd be again, on this path again, maybe it's just meant for me afterall. I work in a small Call Center Services Company as a Customer Service Supervisor. Wow? No, we mostly deal with Gulf Countries (UAE, KSA etc) so it's easier than what we have back home. Easier but tougher or maybe it's just me. I answer directly to the General Manager (along with the other Supervisor - pinay din naman, thank God) -and a very O.C. GM at that! kaya it's tough. Direct din sa clients. Ah basta, subsob sa trabaho. But I do enjoy the work and the people around me. We deal with lots of clients although maliit lang yung company - British Council, Unilever, ABS CBN - TFC, Philips are the world known clients pero yung iba, low profile mostly GCC countries lang or India (VLCC)! I don't think anyone can relate pero masaya talaga. Yun lang.


Pethlog! Visit me naman. Get your own visit visa and plane ticket and I'll treat you throughout your stay here! Grabe, ang tagal ko pa uuwi. =(

15minutes is up. I'm going home. Hindi pa ako tapos pero kailangan na.
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AND YES, I'M ALIVE. [20 Feb 2007|06:07pm]
And because I have nothing better to do. I might as well update this journal.

Ever since the year started I have been very busy. YES, BUSY, ME. Friends, I know I've been missing a lot, and I'm sorry. But I do try to catch up, diba Haaappppyyy?

And just to prove that I try, pictures from last saturday at Warehouse 135, Chinese New Year, Ladies Night party with Lisa Loud. =)

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And because I'm a copycat.. from Mela

Comment on this post and I will

1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with a song / movie.
3. Tell a random fact about you.
4. Tell a first memory about you.
5. Associate you with an animal / fruit.
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7. In return, you must post this in your own LJ.
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23! [26 Nov 2006|03:59am]
Amazing still it seems, I'll be twenty-three.

And thanks to those who were with me until the wee hours of the morning.

I won't always love what I'll never have.

And thanks to those who greeted.

I won't always live, in my regrets.

You just don't know how much it means to me.

Thank You, Lord for another year.
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SALAMIN. [20 Nov 2006|04:09pm]

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12. days. [13 Nov 2006|07:13pm]

12 more days before I hideously turn 23! Since I’ve nothing to better to post about, here are 26 things I want to have or I want to do on that very blessed day.

  1. Books, books and more books.
  2. Ipod!
  3. Motorola Q. Ambisyosa!
  4. A trip to Enchanted Kingdom. I am that shallow, I know.
  5. Tulips and ferrero. Please?
  6. THE Charriol Ring. (Mawawala ba ito?)
  7. Gift Certificates and coupons! (Spa and massage treatments, Facial, salon, nail treatments, kahit anong treatment, siyempre pang shopping, coffee, pig-out. Anything meyn)
  8. A new wallet. (I’m getting tired of my magic wallet. Haha. At long last)
  9. New jacket. Preferrably one I can use during ordinary days and even when we go on the regular gimiks. Haha
  10. Send me birthday cards! Please. I’m tempted to leave my home address but just message me for it.
  11. Chow Chow! I want oooonnneee!
  12. A new sport buddy and a sport at that. (Ang batugan ko eh. Haha)
  13. A new pair of rubber shoes for that new sport. Hahahahaha.
  14. A phonecall from YOU!
  15. Shoes ulit! Those flats and not so flats. Haha.
  16. A job!
  17. Cool Mist Alcospray! (Wala na sa GH!)
  18. A trip to boracay! Haha! Sinong gustong sumama? Sagot ko lang yung akin!
  19. Guitar. (Although I doubt I’d barely use this one)
  20. Tyler Kitsch a.k.a. Tim Riggins number 33! If my memory serves me right, I wanted Wentworth Miller last year ‘cause that’s when I started watching Prison Break. Now I want ! Friday Night Lights!!!!!
  21. A wonderful breakfast of bacons and scrambled eggs and fresh fruits and fresh juice and coffee and yummy pastries.
  22. A fun Sunday with chosen friends.
  23. Celebrating the night before with friends and Jose. (Hahaha, salubong. bahala na sa hang over)
  24. To see my Dagupan friends. Really. =(
  25. 8am Worship. (SAMAHAN NIYO AKO)
  26. World Peace. =)

Hahaha. World peace, baby.

All material things in this list just came off the top of my head. I just wish for that something that money can’t buy. I know it sounded too cheesy and I’m not liking it more than you do, but it’s true. Boohoo.

Baguio, here we come. =)

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Stagnant. [17 Sep 2006|06:47am]
Sometimes I wish I had enough courage. Courage to own up to my mistakes and stop pointing fingers. Courage to take a step and not worry about what life would throw at me this time.

Right now, if there's one thing that's dominating my life, it is fear. Fear of being inadequate. Fear of being everything I never wanted to be. Fear of taking the risk and finding that it was never worth it after all.

I had my fair share of ups and downs and although I know it's not right to let your troubles and concerns keep you down and hinder you from taking the extra mile, I always let those things get in the way --may it be with matters that involves the mind or the heart.

Before, I face head on whatever challenges that comes my way. No matter how beaten down I get, I managed to get out of it alive, win or lose. But I think because of all the battle scars and wounds that I got, now I get weary too fast. Hopefulness and optimism drains fast and I tend to retreat from battle during the first sign of helplessness. You can call it weakness or cowardice or whatever you want --but I call it fear. Fear of bringing harm to myself once again. Fear of being, yet again, vulnerable around my opponents and suffer defeat completely.


Now, if only I have enough courage once more... then...
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It's what? [15 Sep 2006|05:00pm]
I don't care if monday's blue
Tuesday's grey and wednesday too
Thursday i don't care about you
It's friday i'm in love

Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday wednesday break my heart
Thursday doesn't even start
It's friday i'm in love

Hahaha. I'm off to Nacho's birthday uhhh, get together. Woot. Happy birthday Nacho!

Don't you just love weekends? Friday, I'm in love! Pero siyempre, I LOVE YOU SABADDDOOOOOO! =)
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and you're evil, oh yes you are. [11 Sep 2006|06:22pm]
[ mood | bored ]

You make me wanna make this face.Collapse )



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