unantigravitationalism (ilovesaturday) wrote,

I'm alive.

I actually don't know what to write. It has been ages.

Let me start with telling you where I am - Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Well, I would say Dubai since most of the people know this only one place in the UAE but I'm 15 minutes away from Dubai (without HEAVY TRAFFIC - but usually 2-3 hours max during rush hour). I've been here for 7 months already (arrived July 29th of last year). Doing what? Well, the first few months was crazy but I finally settled in November. Got an interview, ditched my old job and here I am in a Call Center. I never really thought I'd be again, on this path again, maybe it's just meant for me afterall. I work in a small Call Center Services Company as a Customer Service Supervisor. Wow? No, we mostly deal with Gulf Countries (UAE, KSA etc) so it's easier than what we have back home. Easier but tougher or maybe it's just me. I answer directly to the General Manager (along with the other Supervisor - pinay din naman, thank God) -and a very O.C. GM at that! kaya it's tough. Direct din sa clients. Ah basta, subsob sa trabaho. But I do enjoy the work and the people around me. We deal with lots of clients although maliit lang yung company - British Council, Unilever, ABS CBN - TFC, Philips are the world known clients pero yung iba, low profile mostly GCC countries lang or India (VLCC)! I don't think anyone can relate pero masaya talaga. Yun lang.


Pethlog! Visit me naman. Get your own visit visa and plane ticket and I'll treat you throughout your stay here! Grabe, ang tagal ko pa uuwi. =(

15minutes is up. I'm going home. Hindi pa ako tapos pero kailangan na.
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you're alive!!! hahaha! wish ko lang ha magawa ko magpunta diyan.. tignan ko muna expenses and everything. :)